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Residential insulation

We can work with you to insulate your home, making it much warmer, safer and cost efficient — whether it's a new build, renovation or retrofit.

ScotFoam Accreditation for residential, commercial and industrial

Consistent warmth

Icynene delivers incredible insulation properties, conserving energy and saving homes up to 58% on heating bills.

Eco friendly

Insulating your home with spray foam is great for the environment and contains no toxic chemicals or gases.

Blocks pollutants

Icynene stops mould and damp, as well as blocking street pollutants, allergens and pest infestations.

A quieter home

Our specialist insulation foams act as a fantastic sound nullifier, reducing mid to high range frequencies.

For homeowners

Insulating your home; roof spaces

Ceilings and roof spaces


Insulating your home; interior and exterior walls

Interior and exterior walls


Insulating your home; floors and crawlspaces

Floors and crawlspaces

5x speed

For developers

New builds



Our accreditations and reviews

HICS accredited contractor

HICS accredited member

We are HICS (Home Improvement Consumer Protection Scheme) accredited.

trustpilot 5 stars


We are 5-star rated on TrustPilot with over 60 verified customer reviews.

chas accredited contractor


We are a CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited contractor.

Insulating your home; full rooms and attics
Insulating your home; ceilings
Insulating your home; underfloor
Insulating your home; wall partitions and cavities