Key benefits of spray foam insulation

For property and business owners in the UK, the benefits of spray foam insulation are numerous.

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Straightforward process

The benefits of spray foam insulation

The benefits of spray foam insulation; Improved heat retention

Cheaper bills

Real protection

The benefits of spray foam insulation; ScotFoam protective barrier
The benefits of spray foam insulation; Fast and effective installation

Fast and efficient

100% breathable

The benefits of spray foam insulation; 100% Breathable membrane

Sector specific benefits

Key benefits: Residential

Consistent warmth

Icynene delivers incredible insulation properties, conserving energy and saving homes up to 58% on heating bills.

Eco friendly

Spray foam insulation is great for the environment and contains no toxic chemicals or gases.

Blocks pollutants

Icynene stops mould and damp, as well as blocking street pollutants, allergens and pest infestations.

A quieter home

Our specialist insulation foams act as a fantastic sound nullifier, reducing mid to high range frequencies.

Key benefits: Commercial

Cheaper bills

Reduce your annual energy spend by improving your business's insulation.

Protective barrier

Meet all safety standards by protecting your offices and public spaces.

Better cold storage

Retail and restaurants save money by making storage spaces more efficient.

Quieter rooms

Meeting rooms and recording studios benefit from huge sound reduction.

Key benefits: Industrial


Control the temperature of machinery rooms and avoid heat transfer to other spaces.

Moisture control

Stop or direct condensation build-up around machinery and service stations.

Better cold storage

Improve the efficiency of storage units, equipment and products.

Noise reduction

Greatly reduce noise transfer from heavy machinery into other spaces.

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